Sip and Seed Parties

Spring is coming! Gather your friends, co-workers, family etc. Stock your favorite drinks and snacks and I can come to your office, church, community center or home and teach you how to start seeds that will be plant into your gardens. The presentation will educate you on different types of gardens, plant requirements and many other topics. The party can be alcohol-free and is for all ages. I supply the materials needed to start your seeds that you will take home.

Party must have a minimum of 6 participants and is for everyone. Payment is due 7 days prior to party date. If you have a specific request please put that in your registration. For virtual parties all seeds and materials (minus soil) will be mailed to the host for the number of individuals in that party. For virtual parties you must have access to the internet and a way to broadcast the webinar so that everyone at your party can see the presentation (projector with screen, chromcast etc.).

If parties are held in the following cities: Indianapolis, Columbus, OH or Dayton I can attend those parties.

Indianapolis and Columbus- party needs a minimum of 10 participants and there is $100 travel fee.

Dayton, OH 10 participants and there is a $50 travel fee.

Sip and Seed Party Registration