About the Contest, Rules & Prizes

Another Program I am developing with Agricademy Inc. is promoting Youth Economic Empowerment Through Agriculture and Science. All of what I teach is not only for education but also economic empowerment. There is a lot of money made in the agriculture industry that underrepresented groups are excluded from. Agriculture is not just farming and everyday I try really hard to show the multitude of opportunities that exist in this field.

One branch of agriculture that focuses on economics and product sells is Agricultural Economics. Agricultural Economics is an applied social science that deals with how producers, consumers, and societies use scarce and natural resources in the production, processing, marketing, and consumption of food, fiber and services. One of the main components of any company or corporation is branding. Branding usually starts with a logo. Your logo represents who you are; it markets your product. Think of all the logos you see on a daily basis. There is an entire industry that focuses on this: Branding and Marketing. There are Graphic Designers (artists) that make the logo a reality. Anyone can be a graphic artist even the youth.

I need a logo for my "Buggin Out With Nadia" Video Series. While I could design it myself (I've been a graphic design work for a long time), I would like to give the opportunity to a child/teen and kick start them into entrepreneurship, business ownership and investing. To enter the contest here are the rules:

  • Logo must contain the text “Buggin' Out With Nadia”
  • Must have an entomology (insect) theme
  • Must be designed by youth ages 5-17 years old identifying as  African American (black), Hispanics, and American Indians or Alaska Natives
  • All submissions are due 8/6/2019
  • It Must be an original design (no use of images from others (avoid copyright infringement)
  • Designs can be drawn or computer generated if  you have the software

From 8/7/2019-8/14/2019 people will vote for the best design. The design with the most votes will be the winner.

The Winning Design

The winning logo will be used on my video series and design credit will be given to the creator. The winner will also receive a http://www.stockpile.com gift card for $100 to be used to invest in stocks (Stockpile.com does not endorse this contest or Agricademy Inc.). The winner will also receive lessons on how to open a stockpile account and selecting stocks and education about investing. The goals of this contest is to teach about tapping into your talents, youth business ownership, marketing and investing. If the child/teen has a business idea I will work with them and their parents and helping get the idea in motion.

Submission and Voting Rules

You can only submit one design. If multiple designs are found to be submitted by the same individual all will be removed and you will be disqualified. You can vote once a day.