Quiwi Produce was start in 2013 but was not officially name until 2014. It was created to combat food deserts in the Cincinnati area. In many neighborhoods people do not have access to fresh produce because there are no grocery stores. As a results the health and wellbeing of these individuals suffers because they are forced to eat unhealthy food. There was also an outcry from people who wanted to grow their own food but did not know how or thought they could not because of where they lived (i.e. an apartment).

Quiwi Produce envisions a transformed food system in which every citizen in Cincinnati has access to safe, nutritious, and affordable food grown by a local farm. In Cincinnati 65% of the population does not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables because they live in low income communities that are known as food deserts. By creating this business we hope to adopt a sustainable, local food system that will enhance human health, preserve our environment and educate the masses on good agricultural practices.

Cincinnati, Ohio, like many cities in the United States, faces health and environmental challenges, including the obesity and diabetes epidemics and the contamination of soil, water, and air. There has been a plea from consumers to find out where their food comes from. They are calling for clean food, grown without pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones. Shortening the distance from farm to fork can reduce the use of environmentally damaging fossil fuels, reduce food safety issues, and provide fresher, healthier products.

Quiwi Produce has the potential to deliver a multitude of benefits:

  • Promote healthy eating
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Preserves greenspace and farmland by utilizing hydroponics/aquaponics in indoor operations and utilizing empty lots in the city
  • Eliminate the use of harmful pesticides
  • Build local economies
  • Create new jobs

• Teach agricultural techniques

Our work team

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