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#Repost with @Repostlyapp Blacks in Agriculture-farmers and minority farmers civil rights activists-The National Black Farmers Association (NBFA), National Womens Farming Association (NWFA) and Association of American Indian Farmers are non-profit, community organizations founded (NBFA & NWFA) and co-founded by Dr. John Boyd, Jr., and his wife Kara Brewer Boyd @boydkara of Baskerville, Virginia. As farmers/ranchers/landowners, we are determined to hold on to our heritage and save our family farms from foreclosure caused by racial discrimination by the United States Department of Agriculture, Banks and Private Lenders. (Taken from If you would like help with their organizations please google them, follow them on Facebook and Twitter. #urbanfarmsista #urbanfarming #blackhistory #blackurbanfarmer #blacksinagriculture #nowyouknow #blackfarmers #nativeamericanfarms #minorityfarms

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