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Aquaponics is the fusing of Aquaculture (fish farming) and Hydroponics. The nitrogen waste from the fish is filtered out of the water and to the plants so they can utilize these nutrients. Check back more coming soon!
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Neglected Diseases In the United States

This is a pretty good read. I'm getting my masters in Entomology with a focus in medical entomology. This article discusses the many neglected diseases (go untreated or there is no research money for them) here in the United States. These disease are mostly caused by insects and other invertebrates and some of them are…
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Hydroponics…What’s That?

So what exactly is hydroponics? Basically hydroponics is the process of growing plants solely in water. So I bet you are looking at your computer and saying to yourself this chick is crazy right? You can't grow plants without using dirt. Well you really can. Have you ever wondered how the produce you buy at…
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