Full Sun Prescription


Contains the following seeds: Beefsteak Tomato (30+), California Sweet Bell Pepper (30+), Black Beauty Zucchini (10+),  Sugar Baby Watermelon(10+), Cucumber (10+), Lettuce Mix (100+) & Kale (100+)

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Affordable Healthcare Prescription Garden brought to you by Quiwi Produce. No there are no synthetic drugs in these pill bottles. They contain seeds so you can grow your own food and medicine. I have heirloom, seeds I have harvested from my own plants and organic seeds I get from reliable sources. I want to get you all well and the only way to improve health is by changing the way we eat and increase our exposure to nature. Gardening has so many health benefits.
The seed packages are $15 and you get 7 different plants to grow with instructions. This is Affordable Healthcare!