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    Agriscience Saturdays

    Agricademy Inc. is an organization dedicated to fostering respect and appreciation for the field of AGRICULTURE. Agriscience is the application of a science in agriculture. Using agriscience it is our goal that we can spark an interest in agriculture amongst the youth, but we also want them to have an understanding and appreciation of how the world works around them. Each Saturday provide students with agriscience activities that correlate with the branch of agriculture being explored and offer enrichment.

    Summer Saturday Agriscience and Entomology Program Overview
    All programs are taught by Nadia Ruffin, MS.
    Meeting Days: Saturdays
    Price: $50 Total / participant (5 week Session) Price includes all supplies and instructional fees. or you can attend individual classes ($10 each).
    Some areas to Cover during the summer session:
    Animal Sciences
    Food Science