Agricademy LLC. Traveling Program

Each program run about 1.5 hours long. The price per program is $150 instructional fee plus a participant fee for supplies $3/participant. Each program will include exercises and activities that incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with Agriculture. The programs are designed to introduce areas of agriculture that are not popular. These programs can be geared towards youth (age 7 and up) to adults.

All programs are taught by Nadia Ruffin, MS. If you are interested please contact Nadia Ruffin at (513)580-8608 or by email at

Program Descriptions:


You will learn about the hive, pollination, beekeeping, honey and of course bees!  Your group will sample local honey, learn why bees are important and also experience bees up close and personal (in a secure teaching hive of course).

Chickens and Eggs

Individuals will learn about chicken anatomy, life cycle, breeds, eggs, keeping chickens in the city and a whole lot more. Sure to be an experience you won’t forget. Live chickens and demos will be brought to your location.

Where Does My Food Come From?

Have you ever wondered where you food comes from? Sure it’s at the grocery store but where was it before it came there? Well with this program we will explore just that. Exercises will include matching food with the plant or animal it comes from, identifying fruits/vegetables and sampling. The group will learn how to make healthy smoothies. (group size maximum 40 additional fees apply after this amount). This program will discuss both animal and plant products.

Hydroponics-Let's Grow Lettuce

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in water without the use of soil. This program will introduce your group to the amazing world of hydroponics. Your group will learn about different hydroponics systems, plant biology, pH, nutrients etc.. Each person will start their own lettuce plant they will be able to take home. (group size maximum 40 additional fees apply after this amount)

Composting with Worms

In this program you will learn about vermicomposting (composting with worms). The worms used in vermicomposting break down food and, thanks in part to their digestive systems, create an enriching source of nutrients called castings. You will learn how to setup a composting bin and how to care for your worms.

Be An Entomologist

Have you ever wanted to be an entomologist (person who studies insects)? With this program your group will explore the world of insects. They will learn about insect anatomy, beneficial insects, insect identification and how to control insects organically in the garden. There will be live insects, a microscope and slides. If an outside area is available the group will do a scavenger hunt to become knowledgeable of local insects.

Natural Fibers

Most don't realize it but many items that we wear or use are made from some natural fibers either from plants and animals. Cotton, silk, wool, jute, hemp etc. are all natural fibers. In this program you will learn about natural fiber and take a stab at spinning your own cotton thread.